OrbLive Gets Ever-So-Closer To Being a Legitimate iPhone App

Back in May, we at iSmashPhone were excited to report on OrbLive, a streaming-media app that essentially acts like SlingBox for your iPhone.

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Only one drawback: since OrbLive wasn’t an "official," House of Jobs-approved app, you needed a jailbroken iPhone in order to install it.  Orb officially calls it "beta software," but you get the idea.

What makes OrbLive so attractive is that it takes much of the teeth-grinding configuaration woes out of the streaming-media setup ("what port do I use?", etc.).  Start by installing their streaming app on Internet-connected PC that houses the media you wish to share: video clips, music, pics, etc.  Live off-the-air TV?  Add a TV tuner card.  Heck, if you’ve got a Slingback unit, plug that in as well.   Meanwhile, install the OrbLive app on your pwned iPhone in the usual manner.

When the PC streaming app connects to Orb’s servers, the two conspire behind the scenes on how to best slurp your media off your computer and beam it to your handset.  You don’t have to do a thing.  Just sit back, relax, and let Orb’s "black box" pump those media bits from desktop to handset.

Now, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel.  Pandora, the scarily-intuitive playlist creation program, is now an official iPhone app.  Simplify Media’s music-streaming app, once just a rogue prog as well, recently "went legit" as well.   And on Orb’s own discussion forum, official rep "Orbi-One" declared:

Still no sign from Apple…

We are waiting a little bit longer, but not indefinitely. We are going
to have to decide at some point soon what we are going to do if we do
not get a response. Can’t tell you if it’s going to be just a few more
days or a couple of weeks. But rest assured that we are determined to
bring OrbLive to iPhone users.

Strong words, to be sure, but it also points out the inconsistencies in Apple’s app-approval process.  Dopey garbage like iCandy or the $999 "I Am Rich" app/scam can get into the App Store (if ever-so-briefly) with seemingly no close examination, while a genuinely useful program that actually works languishes in bureaucratic hell.

But while Apple may have the (approval) guns, OrbLive has the numbers, claiming seven million happy users as of this past July.  On Bastille Day, no less, so…

Viva la revolution: iPhone streaming media is clearly what the people want. 

[Via the Orb Community Forum] thanks Ryan

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