Spore is Spawned!

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‚ÄúPlay the way you want to!‚Äù The highly-anticipated new game from The Sims‚Äô creator ‚Äì Spore ‚Äì features evolution and interaction like never before. Spore allows you to generate your own creatures and societies, then ‚Äì much like The Sims, Second Life, and Habbo ‚Äì you can check out other cosmoses created by other gamers. Available in two versions ‚Äì the standard release for $49.99 and the ‚ÄúGalactic Edition,‚Äù which includes massive extras, for $79.99. Better yet, Spore will be sold in both Mac and PC versions. Spore hits store on September 7.  It has been announced that iPhone fans should expect Spore on the iPhone – no date available.

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