An Inconvenient Passcode: two flaws in locking your iPhone

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The iPhone includes a passcode feature to protect personal information that’s stored on the phone. However, the 2.0.2 firmware update contains inherent flaws which render the passcode feature completely useless.  Below are two issues you may want to consider if you’re thinking of arming your iPhone with a passcode.

Exploitation of passcode protected information

This breach was discovered by a member of Mac Rumors, via Gizmodo.

It is very simple to break through a passcode protected iPhone and gather private data.  Just tap on Emergency Call, then Home twice.

This procedure will lead into your Favorites.  From there, anyone has free reign to make a call, send text messages, access all email…everything.  While in Favorites, tapping on the blue arrow next to the contact will reveal all private information.

You can prevent your iPhone from a potential threat by going into Settings and clicking General. Tap the Home Button, then select either Home or iPod.  If you choose Home, double clicking on the Home Button will send you back to the unlock screen.  If you choose iPod, double clicking on the Home Button will send you to the iPod screen.

Intermittent screen issues as a result of using passcode

If you utilize a passcode on your iPhone, your screen may go blank or the Answer Call/Decline Call screen will remain long after you’ve accepted a call.  These screen issues are intermittent.

They way to deal with this bug is simple: go into Settings and turn the passcode off.

Passcodes are created for one reason: to protect information not meant for public consumption.  Skeptics may be questioning the severity of this issue.  Put it in perspective: someone can take your iPhone, unlock it in two simple steps, and do whatever they please. Private and confidential information can be extracted from your iPhone and used for illicit purposes. And lest you forget that it can also end up costing you financially; data charges can be run up and allotted minutes can be eaten away.

An added inconvenience is the screen bug as a result of unlocking a passcode protected iPhone.  There is no reason for the passcode to affect something such as screen refresh.  If anything, it’s just an unwanted hassle.

Want to make sure your iPhone is working soundly and is free of all security threats?  Don’t enable the passcode.  Oh, the irony!

Apple plans to resolve the passcode problems. When?  Soon would be ideal.

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