Wired’s iPhone 3G Survey says…

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Last week, Wired Magazine surveyed iPhone users from around the world, asking them just how fast (or slow) their iPhone 3G download speeds are.

After much anticipation, the results are in.  Wired’s research staff collected data from 2,636 participants.  A sample of what the survey revealed:

  • At its best, 3G is about seven times faster than the EDGE network; at its worst, 3G is completely inaccessible.
  • The fastest 3G speeds on average are in Europe, specifically Germany and the Netherlands.  T-Mobile Europe users reported the fastest 3G speed.
  • 3G lags, however, in Australia, which not only reported the slowest speeds on average, but is also home to the slowest providers: Virgin and Optus.
  • As for AT&T in the US of A: The exclusive iPhone 3G carrier in the United States tied for third with three other providers in average download speed.

Conclusion?  For performance, look to the provider, not the device.

Full survey results: Wired.com

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