Verizon plays Mythbusters: “We’re on to you, iPhone!”

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Verizon Wireless is conducting a Mythology 101 course for its employees.  The topic: Myths of the iPhone!

VZW has allegedly released a fact sheet debunking the iFallacies polluting the minds of consumers everywhere.  Some of those exposed lies include:

  • iPhone 3G is only twice as fast in markets where AT&T has 3G services, which covers a mere 40 to 50 percent of the country as opposed to Verizon’s REV-DO staking coverage claim over 80 percent of the United States.
  • iPhone 3G is half the price but the service plan is more expensive; iPhone 3G is $200 less than its predecessor while the service is $240 more.
  • iPhone 3G doesn’t deliver audible GPS. For shame! VZW’s data plan includes it, plus unlimited text messaging.

This is all part of Verizon’s master plan to sink iPhone sales, while pimping the new LG Dare, the real 3G touch screen phone to end all 3G touch screen phones. Steve Jobs, are you shaking yet?

Source: Gizmodo

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