We’ll Buy Your Old iPhone. For Real. Cross Our Hearts.

So you’ve just upgraded your old iPhone to a spankin’ new 3G unit.  What do you do with the old unit?  Well, your options are:

  1. Use it as an expensive paperweight,
  2. Try to sell it on eBay and hope you get a good ROI, or
  3. Send it to Freeiphoneswap.com and get cash.  Guaranteed.

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Despite it’s name, Freeiphoneswap isn’t a phone exchange, but a buy-for-cash site.  It also seems to be the real deal.  Cnet writer Kevin Ho describes how he logged onto their site, entered the information about his first-gen iPhone, got a Fed-Ex label printed, sent in the phone — and, to his pleasant surprise, got a check for $250.00 a week later, which was far more than he expected his 1G to be worth on the open market.  (Mind you, as of press time, he was still waiting to see if the check actually cleared…)

Car dealers have been offering trade-ins for years, and even photographers have a similar used-camera buying site, but this may be the first time this kind of service has been offered for any type of cell phone.  It’s also quite a testament to the desirability of even an "older" iPhone.

[Via Cnet]

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