Who’s the Handset Market Leader? Not Apple, Apparently…

Yes, the iPhone has been a runaway hit since Day One.  Yes, the 3G is flying off the shelves — if you can find a shelf that actually, y’know, has one on hand.

But in overall worldwide handset markets, Apple’s and AT&T’s love child is a distant also-ran.

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According to a report in the newspaper Sindh Today, Nokia is the runaway leader, with a 41.1% share of phones in the second quarter of 2008 (up two-tenths from Q1).  Samsung followed with 15.4% share, then Motorola with 9.5%, LG at 9.3%  and Sony Ericsson at 8.2%.

And the House of Jobs?  0.2%. 


Can you say "drop in the bucket," boys and girls?

Now mind you, these figures reflect sales prior to the release of the 3G iPhone, which — with estimated Q3 shipments of 3.5 million units — could kick Apple’s handset share up to 1.1% globally.  And that still doesn’t take into account pending iPhone releases in China and India, two of the most populous countries on Earth, which could further jack up Q3 totals.

But by that same math, Nokia moved — to paraphrase Dr. Evil — around 65 meellion handsets in the first six months of this year. 

That’s a lotta cell phones without an Apple logo on ’em…

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