Will iTunes Become an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet?

We’ve grown accustomed to paying a buck a song, or ten bucks an album, to buy music on iTunes.  But what would you pay for a year’s worth of unlimited MP3’s? 

How’s US$129 sound?  That’s the number being bandied about, as is a rumored September unveiling.

This image described by iTunes, subscription service

Here’s the scoop, Jackson, according to multiple sources: the annual subscription would give you carte blanche to half the iTunes library.  (Hopefully, that would be the half containing, y’know, the music you’d actually WANT to download…)  Tack another fifty bucks onto that for an iTunes/MobileMe combo.  Now, if you’ve already GOT MobileMe, the subscription is only US$99.99 — which many are seeing as a mea cupla from the House of Jobs for mucking up the initial MobileMe launch.  There’s even talk of enhancing the MobileMe service to allow you to access "the cloud" (a/k/a iDisk) from your iPhone or iPod touch.

This despite the fact that Apple has been making subscription-service noises for the last three years — and His Steveness has similarly looked down his nose at the entire notion of renting music.

[Via CNET]

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