Live Updates from Apple Let’s Rock event

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We will update this page as Apple releases their live announcement. Stay tuned!

  • THE END (we will do full review of iTunes 8.0 and iPhone firmware 2.1, stay tuned)
  • Done with announcements. Jack Johnson is performing on stage.
  • Summary for 2.1 update: improved battery life, call drops, crashing problems, faster iTunes backups, etc.  Let’s hope security issue will be fixed
  • iPhone updates are free and will be available this Friday 🙁 
  • iPod Touch has 2.1 firmware, available Friday.  Free upgrade for 2.0 owners, $9.99 for upgrade from 1.x to 2.1
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  • D-pad is on screen = more smudges
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  • New games for iPod Touch: Real Soccer 2009 (shipping today), Need For Speed: Undercover (November)
  • App store – sold 100 million apps in 60 days
  • 3 iPod Touch models: 8GB for $229, 16GB for $299, and 32GB for $399
  • Showing Nike+ iPod (see old leaked images, looks close to leaked stuff)
  • Summary of new iPod Touch’s features: 3.5″ display, Integrated volume controls, accelerometer, 802.11 b/g wireless networking, built-in speaker, genius playlist creation, app store
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  • New headphones are announced – $79, with two drivers each (woofer + tweeter)
  • Nano will have voice recording app and calendar.  New accessory will have a microphone (next month for $29).
  • Nano Price – $149 for the 8GB model (available now), $199 for the 16GB model (will be available next week).
  • Nano colors – black, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, violet.  White is out 🙁
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  • Nano battery life – 24 hrs for music, 4 hrs for video
  • You can shake your Nano to shuffle songs
  • Landscape mode on new Nano (album art, video)
  • Can create Genius playlists from the nano itself without connecting to iTunes
  • New iPod Nano (as per rumors, thin, tapered with black wheel, curved aluminum, front curved glass)
  • Thin iPod – upgrading to 120GB  for $249
  • Thick iPod classic- discontinuing thick
  • iPods are being covered as part of presentation (73.4% of the US market)
  • iTunes is available today as free download (iTunes site is not updated yet)
  • So when you playing your song you can push the genius button and get instant genius playlist
  • As part of new iTunes demo, Steve Jobs is playing John Mayer Gravity
  • iTunes cloud is here, you can share your usage statistics anonymously with the cloud (pay counts, ratings, playlists, track names)
  • iTunes Interface is the same as per Kevin Rose (browse albums by albums cover, better use of tabs, can scrub over album icon)
  • iTunes 8 is out, new: accessibility, New Browsing, Genius (rumors were true)
  • NBC is back on iTunes
  • HD TV shows will be available on iTunes ($2.99)
  • Event started, Steve Jobs is on stage
  • Event is about to start

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