Restore Your Lost Files From Corrupted Back-up

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iPhone 2.0 Software wasn’t the most stable release, we had to put up with lost signals, dropped calls and in worst cases corrupted apps and backups.

Prior to the 2.1 Update, you may have found yourself in a situation where all of your apps crashed, with no help from a complete restore from backup.

The only fix at that time was to do a complete restore (but with out restore from backup), which might have caused you the pain of tons of lost pictures, notes, configurations and other information from your iPhone.

Granted, some people developed methods to extract lost information (mostly notes and pictures) from corrupted backups but none of them were quick and simple for the average user.

Good news for folks who have updated to 2.1 iPhone Software – now all of that pain and suffering should be history!

For those of you who had scores of lost pictures, notes, and apps due to crashes and/or clean restore, there is a way to salvage things. With the 2.1 update, you can restore from old backups and everything will be working.

Click your trusty restore button in iTunes and follow the instructions.

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After the restore you will be given an option to restore from backup. Select your old backup and go for it!

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Also, in our case it took under 20 minutes for complete restore from the backup which prior to 2.1 update same restore took over 5 hours.

Good luck and happy hunting for your old memories.