For those about to Rock: Apple’s annual iPod event on 9/9 (tomorrow)

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"Let’s Rock." That’s the theme of this year’s annual iPod event, which takes place tomorrow at 10am (1pm Eastern Time) in sunny San Francisco.

What new goodies is Mr. Jobs expected to reveal?  Here are some speculations:

  • A re-design of the iPod Nano (It could look something like this)
  • A makeover for the iPod Touch (So it resembles its 3G phone counterpart)
  • A price drop for the iPod (Which would make sense, as the iPhone 3G-with contract-is cheaper right now)
  • The release of iTunes 8 and iPhone firmware 2.1

Want to know if these rumors are the real deal?  iSmashPhone will be reporting live throughout tomorrow’s event.  Look for complete coverage of all new products and programs as they are released.

Source: Ars Technica

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