FORE! New iPhone Golf Game Swings Into Action. Literally.

Wouldn’t you just love to be in the same room as the programmers who had this "eureka!" moment: "Hey, my iPhone needs to be more like a Nintento Wii controller!  What a great idea…"

Well, someone at Social Gaming Network had the brainstorm of harnessing the iPhone’s accelerometer to detect a golf-swing like motion with the phone.  And hey presto!  Say hello to iGolf.

The current version is just a driving range, with a choice of clubs and the ability to save your high scores (although the next release will let you play actual games).  And yes, you swing your iPhone like a golf club to hit the ball.  Observe:

The app itself is free, but you might actually wanna invest in a golfing glove before playing.  Not for versimillitude — more to keep your expensive iPhone from flying out of your hand as you try to out-power John Daly…

[Via TechCrunch]

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