Get Rich Quick, Get iPhone Gamers Addicted: Trism Ascendant!

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Steve Demeter’s Trism is one of those simple-yet-brilliant ideas that’ll make you say "why the *#%* didn’t I think of that?!?"  But you’re not Steve Demeter, so you didn’t.

On the off chance you didn’t bother to watch the video, here’s the setup: rows and rows and rows of interlocked, multi-colored triangles.  Use your finger to push a row until three triangles of the same color are touching.  Poof!  They disappear, and the row settles in to fill the gap.  And that’s just the basic play — the game gives you numerous variations on the theme.

Folks, meet the new Tetris.  Like its falling-block brethren, Trism appears to challenge your pattern-recognition skills even more than it torques your reflexes — and gets you seriously addicted in the process.

Simple, addictive, affordable (at five bucks from the AppStore) — and very very profitable.  Especially since it’s the work of a single programmer (the aforementioned Mr. Demeter).  In two months, sales of Trism have lined Steve’s pockets to the tune $250,000.  Yes, you read that right: a freaking quarter of a meellion dollars.  For a bunch of colored triangles.

Man’s a genius.

[Via Wired]

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