iPhone Developer University is now in session

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The iPhone has become a staple on several college campuses across the country.  In an attempt to send the iPhone straight to the top of the class, Apple has introduced iPhone Developer University, which enables higher learning institutions to integrate iPhone and iTouch App development into their curriculum.  Schools that participate in this program will be able to submit their Apps to the App Store.

Key features of iPhone Developer University:

  • Professors and instructors can head a development team consisting of up to 200 students
  • Plenty of resources will be made available via iPhone SDK and the iPhone Dev Center
  • Students will be able to test their projects through XCode or Instruments, optimizing or debugging as necessary
  • Apps can be distributed via email (for testing), a private Web site (for grading purposes), or the App Store (for profit…or rejection)

iPhone Developer University is open to accredited higher learning institutions in the US.  (Meanwhile, Stanford University is already ahead of the curve.)

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