Your iPhone is spying on you!

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A security expert(hacker fyi) Jonathan Zdziarski exposed a new vulnerability in Apple’s firmware that allegedly allows someone who has access to your iTouch or iPhone to track your every move.

You know those flashy effects when you close and app and it syncs down – well, that works by taking a screenshot of the screen and applying some ‘coder magic’ to it. The screenshots are deleted immediately  as you close the app – but you know what those ‘data recovery experts’ do.

"Despite the intricacy of the method, Zdziarski stressed that anybody with the time and digital sophistication has the ability to break the iPhone’s security."

"This flaw can only be exploited by somebody with physical access to a device, but your phone could get into the hands of someone with more malicious intent," he said. "Obviously, you don’t want to trust any of your data to a passcode."

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