Make your iPhone Genius-friendly in five steps

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The release of iTunes 8 introduced Genius, Apple’s music recommendation engine.  If you want access to Genius on your iPhone, just follow these five simple steps:

1. Install iTunes 8 on your computer

2. Activate Genius (See our post on iTunes 8)

3. Update your iPhone to the 2.1 firmware

4. On your iPhone, go to iPod -> Playlists:

Genius should be at the top of the list

5. Download Remote (App Store; Free), which has been updated to work with iTunes 8

Remote allows you to control the music on your computer or Apple TV seamlessly through your iPhone.  (You can also check out our articles on how to configure Remote for iTunes and iTunes Video.)

Acquainting your iPhone with Genius and iTunes 8 is very simple.  Download and configure Remote, and you have quite a multimedia hook-up in your hands.

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