No more button mashing: iPhone cheat makes use of accelerometer

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Remember the good old days of console gaming, when gaining infinite health or surpassing stages to the final boss meant button mashing with precision?  The iPhone may lack peripherals, but it doesn’t mean cheat codes can’t be executed.  Case in point: Imagine Poker.  The developers of Imagine Poker have created a cheat that allows players to select which round they’d like to start their game on. 

Just follow these steps:

1. Open Imagine Poker on a quarter hour (i.e. 12:00 or 3:45).  The cheat will only work if the time is on a quarter of an hour

2. At the start screen, shake your iPhone until you hear a giggle.  You’ll then see a pop-up for a "Polaroid Cheat"

3. Select which round you’d like to start on, and enjoy

This is the first iPhone gaming cheat of which we’ve heard.  Will cheat codes become more commonplace among other gaming Apps, especially puzzle games?

If you know of other iPhone game cheats, feel free to share them with us in the comments section.

(Source: Macenstein)

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