PapiJump: The neverending adventure of a smiling red bouncy ball


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PapiJump is an addictive game App from Sunflat.  The objective is simple: guide Papi, a smiling red ball with plenty of bounce in his step, up a series of platforms.  Control Papi by moving your iPhone left and right.  Where Papi is going…well, even Papi doesn’t know.

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  • Simple to pick-up; an ideal game to pass the time
  • Graphics are fun, cute
  • Pause button, so you can pick up where you left Papi off last
  • Replay button, in case you want to show friends that awesome maneuver you made Papi do
  • Tilt-sensor calibration, to create your optimum gaming experience


  • Several features are only accessible on the Internet, such as score submission and game how-to–a problem since this causes the App to close while Safari opens a new page
  • Scores can only be submitted online, and there is no option to save personal best scores
  • No clearly defined goal, other than to keep Papi moving up from platform to platform–this game could benefit from additional levels and modes of difficulty


There isn’t much to PapiJump.  It’s a fun way to alleviate boredom, certainly.  A new version with added levels and difficulties would be more than welcome.


App Store; Free

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