Preview: Say What? Say Where App utilizes voice recognition

Say What

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It’s still in the works, but Dial Directions’s Say Where holds much promise.  This mapping and search App utilizes voice recognition, which means users can simply say where they would like to go or what they would like to find, eliminating the need to type anything.

Want to see how it works? Watch the video below:


  • Voice recognition: just speak into the iPhone and Say Where will handle the rest
  • Choose to launch from sites such as MapQuest,, Yelp, Yellow Pages, and more


  • No Google Maps?
  • Each search launches a new Safari window, rather than specific iPhone Apps (A possible SDK limitation)


Existing voice recognition Apps such as Jottnote and Midomi have been received well among iPhone users.  If the example video is any indication, Say Where could easily enjoy the same success. 


Free; App Store (Coming soon–sign up for release info at Dial Directions.)

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