Where does Android/T-Mobile G1 fall short?

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Next in the line of "iPhone Killers" is the T-Mobile G1, which runs on the Android mobile platform developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance.  As heralded as this device is, Gizmodo points out that it is not without its flaws, some more glaring than others.

A quick rundown of where the G1/Android falls short:

  • Only one Google account can be stored on the phone at one time; in order to add a new account, the phone has to be reset
  • Lack of desktop syncing (Time to add all of your contacts and events to your Google account)
  • Can only play back YouTube videos
  • No multitouch (Later models will have this feature)
  • Don’t look for a headphone jack–it’s not there
  • You must save all media to an SD Card, as the G1 is unable to store it internally
  • If you use over 1GB of data in a 3G area, T-Mobile will reduce data to as low as 50kbs…or less!

One bittersweet feature: T-Mobile will unlock the G1, but only after 90 days of active service on a T-Mobile plan.

We believe the G1 will give the iPhone some healthy competition, or at least be more prevalent than the Sprint Instinct (?) or LG Dare (??).

That said, would you be interested in having iSmashPhone report stories on the G1/Android alongside the iPhone?  (We already created an Android demo.)

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