AppLoop Mobile Application Generator: Create an App in 2 Minutes

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For those with the desire to create Apps but lack the technical know-how, your solution has arrived.  Silicon Valley start-up Apploop, an advertising, publishing, and analytics solution for mobile applications, has developed the Mobile Application Generator.  This program takes RSS feeds and converts them into mobile Apps in under two minutes.

From the developers:

Only 3% of (self-selecting) developers know how to program Cocoa. As a result, few have been able to enjoy the extremely rapid growth and initial excitement of the AppStore – content creators are left sitting on the sidelines, watching developers have all the fun from afar.

Today, things will change. We saw this imbalance, and built an
extremely simple way for non-technical people to create applications
and distribute content on mobile platforms. Our Mobile Application Generator
converts any RSS feed into a brandable mobile application in less than
two minutes. It requires no programming, software downloads, or code
maintenance Рwe’ll do all the hard work for you. For free.

See how the MAG works:

iPhone Application Generator Demo from AppLoop on Vimeo.

Access to this App is invitation only, but you can register at AppLoop to receive a friendly notice when a sample is available for you.

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