AIM, Pandora, or Podcaster? Run them simultaneously on iPhone with Backgrounder

Here is a scenario which may be familiar to many of you iPhone users: you want to listen to songs via Pandora.  But you also want to talk to your friends on AIM so you can make plans for the weekend.  Meanwhile, you’re dying to download the latest Apple Keynote on Podcaster.  You silently curse your iPhone for not allowing you to do all of these things simultaneously.

Third-party iPhone Apps are not capable of running in the background due to a restriction by Apple which, honestly, is quite a pain in the butt.  But Lance Fetters has developed a loophole: Backgrounder!  With Backgrounder, you can run one or several Apps in the background without hassle.

Backgrounder allows you to:

  • Listen to songs on Pandora while talking to your friends on AIM
  • Download the latest Keynote via Podcaster while playing a rousing game of Sudoku
  • Listen to the Keynote on Podcaster while browsing your favorite Web site on Safari

Enabling and disabling Backgrounder is simple–just press and hold the Home button.

A sample of Backgrounder at work:

Backgrounder brings a much-needed multi-tasking element to the iPhone.
Now instead of having to make a choice among playing songs on Pandora, talking to friends on AIM, or downloading and listening to podcasts via Podcaster, with Backgrounder you can easily run all of those Apps at once, and then some.

No longer do you have to choose your Apps wisely–enjoy them all, thanks to Backgrounder.


Download via Cydia (For jailbroken devices)

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