Firemail Turns iPhone Email On Its Side

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One of the biggest complaints about composing mail on the iPhone is that it can only be done in "upright" (portrait) mode; two-thumbed typing  in the narrower screen aspect is much harder compared to working in sideways/landscape mode.

A recent 99-cent app (Touchtype) was the first to address this software limitation.  Now comes Firemail, which does everything Touchtype does (and more!), but for free.

Launching Firemail and turning your iPhone/iPod Touch sideways gives you the wider screen layout for typing both subject and body text.   Where Firemail steps ahead is when you hit the action key: you can either send what you’ve typed to MobileMail’s outbox OR save it as a "bookmark," to be called up at a later time.  Great for signature blocks or webapps that work through an email interface.

Firemail requires the 2.0 software to operate.

[Via Lifehacker]

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