Free ringtones! Get your free iPhone ringtones (on iTunes 8)!

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Stop spending money on iPhone ringtones.  With iTunes 8, it is simple to create ringtones for your iPhone absolutely free

Just follow these simple steps (this process works on Mac and Windows):

  1. Select an MP3, AIFF, non-protected AAC, or songs purchased from the Amazon Music Store (This will not work with files with DRM)
  2. Choose a song, right-click and select Get Info, then in the Info box click the Options tab
  3. In Options, go to the Start Time and Stop Time settings, check off their corresponding boxes, and type in the times you want the song to begin and end
  4. Hit OK to save your changes
  5. In the Menu bar, go to Advanced and select Create AAC Version; an AAC version of the file will appear below the original file in your music library
  6. Drag the AAC file on to your Desktop and change its extension to .m4r
  7. Delete the AAC file from iTunes (Or iTunes will not accept the ringtone)
  8. Drag the .m4r file from your Desktop into iTunes; the file will appear under Ringtones in the Source bar
  9. Click on the file…you have just created a new iPhone ringtone!

Important note for Windows Vista users: In order to change the file extension in Vista, go to Control Panel, then select Appearances and Personalization, click Folder Options, and uncheck box that says Hide File Types in the View tab

Important note for all users: Remember to go back into Get Info and uncheck the modified start and stop times for your song

Video, or it didn’t happen:

Source: CNet


How to Get Free iPhone Ringtones in Under One Minute

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