Google pulls Apps from Android App Market…before the G1 launch??

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For a while, it seemed as if Google was pulling a fast one on some select T-Mobile G1 owners who were fortunate (or unfortunate?) to receive their new toys a little early.

The G1 comes out today, but a couple days ago, those who had this proposed iPhone killer in their hands pre-launch noticed something was amiss: there were only 18 Apps in the Android App Market. 

But wasn't there going to be more than 50 Apps included?  Alas, the sky is not falling, and the lack of Apps was just a result of Google doing a final rundown before the official launch date.  The number of Apps in the Android App Market has since increased to its originally projected number.

Looks like Apple isn't the only one to pull Apps from its store…!

The last word is that the pulled apps were demo versions.

[Source: MobileCrunch]

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