Lock Your Car and Take Your iPhone – Or Go To Jail

An unnamed Winnetka, IL woman is being held in police custody after leaving her unattended iPhone locked in a hot car for more than three hours.

“Responding to calls from concerned passersby, who observed the iPhone
sitting in a vehicle in the parking lot of the Westfield Shopping
Center, police arrived on the scene at approximately 4 p.m. and
immediately intervened to save the device,” said Winnetka police chief
Douglas Blaine. “Security cameras have shown that the iPhone had been
in the car—with the doors locked and the windows rolled up—since 1 p.m.
Due to the tragic and highly emotional nature of this case, we cannot
say any more at this time.”

The iPhone was rushed by ambulance to a nearby Apple facility for
careful examination. Miraculously, no damage to its memory, screen, or
wireless capabilities was reported.  Public outcry over the iPhone owner’s thoughtlessness was followed by a statement from the owner herself:

“My client deeply regrets the incident, and wishes to express a sincere
apology to the police, the community, and the fine manufacturers at
Apple,” said lawyer Henry Durst, who was retained by the suspect
following her arrest. “My client is remorseful and clearly emotionally
distraught. This is her first iPhone.”

(Oh, and by the way: if this story seems too ridiculous to be believed — just look where it came from…)

[Via The Onion]

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