Out of Thin Air: Griffin AirCurve Amplifies Your iPhone Without Wires, Electricity

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Griffin Technology's AirCurve bills itself as an "Acoustic Amplifier for [the] iPhone."  In fact, it may be the intersection between technology and true magic.

What looks like a stylish crystalline-and-steel stand is actually a coiled waveguide that collects the sound from your iPhone's speaker, amplifies it, and projects it into the room.  No wires, no speakers, no electricity whatsoever.  Suggested uses include giving some oomph to your alarm clock setting as well as an enhanced speakerphone.

While the AirCurve itself requires no power for itself — and uses none from your handset — it does allow a docking cable to be installed for the usual charging and synching of the iPhone itself.  If your cable doesn't fit, Griffin will happily sell you one that does.

Elegant design, acoustic magic, and all for US$19.95 — and if you select UPS Ground delivery, shipping's free as well!

[Griffin Technology website]

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