Push Functionality Delayed for iPhone Users, Developers

Quick, what’s the difference between the iPhone and hiphop group Salt ‘n’ Pepa?

Well, unlike the ladies of S ‘n’ P, the iPhone doesn’t "push it good" — much less "push it real good…"

iPhone owners are discovering, much to their chagrin, that the much-vaunted Push Notification services for the iPhone aren’t working.  Oh, you can turn it on and off on your iPhone, all right — it’s just that turning it on doesn’t actually, y’know, do anything.

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To make matters worse, Apple promised developers they’d make Push Notification apps available by September 2008.  In case you haven’t checked your calendar recently, it’s now October, and the code still hasn’t materialized.  Without it, third-party applications can’t receive information from the network in the
background, in real time, without having to waste battery life or
processor power pooling the servers every few minutes.

In the meantime, you can still use our handy-dandy workaround to perform email quasi-pushes, even if you don’t have the MobileMe service.

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