Shake up your iPhone Browser, Wario-Style

Hacker (n): Person with the right software tools and WAAAAY too much time on their hands.

Little back story first: Nintendo came up with a neat kludge for their YouTube "Experience Wii" channel.  When you watch the video for WARIOLAND Shake It!, as Wario stomps and bashes through the playing field, the surrounding YouTube interface gets jarred, dislodged, and flat-out destroyed.  (View it here, laugh your butt off, then come back…)

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Enter one Eric Seidel, professional programmer by day and Open Source bit-twiddler the rest of the time.  Seidel saw the Wii/YouTube shake-up (which was written in Flash, by the bye), and decided to cruft together his own browser-centric implementation. (The browser, in this case, being Safari…)  Basically, you go to this page and drag the indicated "gravity" button up to your Safari toolbar.  Once that’s done, surf to a page with images, forms, and/or Flash content, then press the "gravity" button and watch the page impersonate a "Contents Dislodged During Shipment" disclaimer.

"Fine and dandy," you’re probably saying, "but why should I, iPhone web surfer that I am, care about this neat hack?"  Oh, ye of little faith.  Safari happens to be built on the Webkit open-source browser engine.  By a funny coincidence, so is the iPhone’s browser.  So the same neat hack that dislodges your desktop’s web pages will turn your iPhone-browsed sites into the Seventies "Sensurround" movie classic EARTHQUAKE.

G’wan, try it!  You know you wanna…

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