This Winter, Give Your iPhone the Finger(less)

Fingerless gloves aren’t just for cyclists — or strippers — anymore.

Josh Rubin, the creator of CoolHunting, has now turned his attention to handwear that allows iPhone users to operate their pride ‘n’ joys when the mercury drops.

Freehand gloves claim to let  you  ‚Äústay warm and keep in touch.‚Äù  They come in black leather ($40), stretch ($30), or fleece ($20), all with flick-back fingers; the fingertips stay back with built-in magnets.  For those who wonder if there’s any part of the iPhone that might not enjoy being so close to magnetic fields, the manufacturer insists:

"From our testing, there’s no problem! The magnets are just strong
enough to hold the finger tips back, but not so strong that they’ll
interfere with watches or gadgets."

And these gloves are iPhone-specific…why, exactly?  ‘Cuz Rubin says they are, and photographed ’em in the vicinity of an iPhone to prove it.  So there.

[Via Freehands website]

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