Web Apps: RIP?

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With the expansion of the App Store and the capability to download native Apps to the iPhone, Web App traffic is on the decline.  Sure, it’s easier to download an App for use at any time, sometimes at a price.  But according to developer Tim Westover (who often hears "Can you make a native version of your Web Apps?"), Web Apps are all but dead.

Westover lists the advantages he believes Web Apps have over native Apps:

  • More freedom; developers are not locked into Apple, mobile phones, or the iPhone
  • No NDA clause (Well, that has since changed, for the most part)
  • Web Apps can be distributed for free due to a lack of a developer’s program or license
  • No approval process to screw developers over (wait times, rejected submissions in the final stage)
  • No sharing revenue with Apple
  • No jailbreaking (You know our stance on jailbreaking…!)

iPhone users: Do you prefer to download Apps, or use Web Apps?

iPhone developers; Do you prefer to develop native Apps, or Web Apps?

Discuss your thoughts in the comments section.

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