You Want a Voice-Activated iPhone? “Tellme” More…

Microsoft’s history of peering over Apple’s shoulder to see what’s up doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon.

Redmond’s Tellme unit is developing voice-activated search functionality for a variety of handsets, including both the Blackberry and the mighty "i."  While it’s definitely in development, senior director Dariusz Paczuski predicts "iTellme" won’t be available until June 2009.

One drawback they’ll have to overcome is the iPhone interface itself.  Normally, Tellme relies on a physical button to determine when to start listening to a query.  Due to the iPhone’s touch-screen-only interface, this might require a big honkin’ virtual button in the middle of the screen.

But if that will allow iPhoners to get sports results and movie times — well, honk away.

[Via Yahoo! News]

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