Jailbreak is Available for 2.2 iPhone Software

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Update: How To Jailbreak iPhone OS 3.0 Using Pwnage Tool 3.0

Dev Team came to the rescue again with jailbreak for 2.2 iPhone Software.

If you are tot sure if you want to jailbreak read the following posts, they may sway you.

For more adventurous, we tested all of our guides and they are still valid for 2.2 jailbreak:

QuickPwn Mac


Pwnage Tool Mac

If you never jailbroke your phone just follow guides above.  Do not forget to check out our glossary it may help you to understand the terminology.

Read Dev Team post to understand some of the requirements and limitations of 2.2 jailbreak.  Well everything is still the same from 2.1 jailbreak.

Use Links below to Download Latest Software

Mac PwnageTool

Mac QuickPwn

Windows QuickPwn

Follow the check list below if you have your iPhone jailbroken: 

1. if you have Cycorder installed make sure to copy all of the videos from iPhone to your computer.

Videos located on your iphone under mobile user in /mobile/Media/Videos

2. Check /mobile/library/downloads directory for files you like to save

3. Use AppBackup to backup setting for your applications, just in case. 

After back-up, copy /mobile/library/AppBackup folder to your computer

4. Use AptBackup to save the list of installed Cydia Apps.  Make sure to sync with iTunes after back-up (back-up is stored in iTunes)

5. If you use Categories there is no way to recover your settings (let us know if you know the method)

6. Sync your iPhone with iTunes last time

7. Use one of ours jailbreak guides (see list above)

8. After jailbreak use iTunes Restore to copy files back to your iPhone

9. Go to Cydia and install AptBackup, restore your Cydia Applications.

10. Copy all of the folders/files from steps 1,2,3 back to your iPhone.


  • if you use Categories you will have to rebuild them. 
  • Also, all of your application icons will have slightly different arrangement on your springboard.
  • if you use Quick Gold make sure to update it, new version is available which fixes some minor 2.2 issues.

Let us know if you found better way to restore to your original set-up on your jailbroken phone.

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