Offers Online File Access to iPhone Users

This image described by iPhone,, online file storage and sharing, Boxnet claims to be "the easiest way to share and manage your files online"  — and they've now extended that ease to iPhone users.

The first step is to create a account.  Pricing ranges from free (for a single user and 1 GB of storage) to US$19.95 for 15 GB and up to five sub-users.  Once that's done, download the free app from iTunes and install.  You're now ready to upload, edit, and share a variety of documents, particularly those which would be impractical — if not impossible — to email.  (Note: the "edit" part is limited to photos and images with Picnik, and Word and Excel files using Zoho.)

If you opt for one of the paid subscriptions, gives you fourteen days to try them out before they begin charging you.  And even if you don't have an iPhone,'s web-based system still makes it an attractive way to access and share documents from just about anywhere with Web service.

[Download from the iTunes Store]

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