Apple Rejects Latest Version of CastCatcher

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Apple has rejected version 1.3 of CastCatcher for the iPhone, claiming that the internet radio app violates its SDK Agreement because it transfers ‚Äúexcessive volumes of data‚Äù over cellular networks.  The rejection is a bit puzzling because other streaming radio apps are available at the Apple Store, including a previous version of CastCatcher. 

And all of these applications use about the same amount of bandwith.  CastCatcher developer Armo Mousa recently stated that he has no idea why the latest version was rejected and that Apple has not been as helpful as they usually are since they rejected the update about two weeks ago.  It‚Äôs probably just some sort of technical or review glitch, but when Apple‚Äôs involved you always get a little bit paranoid.  Is there some forthcoming Apple app that we don‚Äôt know about yet?

Guess what, later on Castcatcher 1.3 was accepted.   Gotta check that app aproval process again