Diced Pork: THQ Brings “Pass The Pigs” To The iPhone

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I'm sure I'm not the only person who's gone through life blissfully unaware of the game "Pass the Pigs."  Nonetheless, THQ Wireless has seen fit to bring out a handset version of this game.

Originally a dice game, PtP is played with two plastic pigs, each with a single spot on their side.  The pigs are thrown, dice-style, and points are awarded — or taken away — based on how each pig lands (on its back, on its side, upright, etc.).  The first person to reach 100 points is the winner.  Brags THQ:

"Gather up to four friends and pass the pigs in classic mode or work
hard to bring home the bacon in the all new "Pigs Life" story mode.
With simple controls and over a thousand potential outcomes, Pass the
Pigs is destined to become a mobile classic."

If you've got US$2.99 burning a hole in your pocket, and an iPhone (with 2.0 Software Update) or iPod Touch, feel free to, um, pig out…

[Available from the iTunes store]

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