Don’t Expect to See Flash on the iPhone. Ever.

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Although Adobe recently announced that it is developing a version of its enormously popular Flash software for the iPhone, don't expect to see it on the iPhone.  Not now, not ever.  Michele Turner, Flash product manager for Adobe, recently stated that while the company is working on a version for the iPhone, "‚Ķit really is up to Apple."  And, trust me, Apple's simply not going to permit it.

Why?  Oh, come on, you know‚Äîit's Apple.  Flash software is no longer simply an animation program, but a full-blown application that allows programmers to launch other programs within Flash, run multimedia apps independently, and generally serve as a platform for just about any type of program you can think of.  And, trust me, Apple's not going to permit that.  Apple always wants very tight control over the apps that can be run on its products and permitting Flash on the iPhone would open a big door to the competition by permitting all kinds of apps to be run without Apple's permission and allowing media downloads that would compete with Apple's iTunes store. 

iPhone users are limited in the websites that will function on the device without Flash‚Äîsignificantly limiting their real web browsing (may be not) – but does Apple care?  Nah.  Apple's gotta protect Apple, first and foremost, so the user be damned.