Get Your Inner Rock Star On With the iPhone

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Paramount Digital Entertainment has just released an updated and improved "School of Rock" app for the iPhone.  You can play along to classic tunes by artists like Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Scorpions or even anything in your own iTunes music library.  Learn guitar, drums, bass and keyboards, take lessons in music theory, then integrate it all and go on tour!  You can also play trivia, quote, and memory challenge games.

The 114MB game is available for both the iPhone and iPod and costs only $3.95.  While "School of Rock" may not turn you into the next Jimmy Page, it is a fun, follow-the-leader type game that can keep you happily occupied.  It's easy to play and there's a lot of depth in the game to keep your interest for a long time.  And if you see yourself before 20,000 screaming fans while playing this game, who's going to know?  Just don't get too carried away and smash your iPhone into the stage.

[ Via iTunes $3.95]