Sketches: Draw, jot, edit and enjoy


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Do you often find yourself doodling during classes or important meetings?  Or writing important notes on your hand in lieu of a shortage of paper? Then you'll appreciate Sketches from LateNiteSoft.  Draw, jot, and even annotate photos with lines, shapes, text and colors via your iPhone.

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  • Write, sketch, "enhance"–let your imagination run wild, just with the tip of your finger
  • Plenty of fonts, shapes, colors, and other goodies to choose from
  • Take photos with your iPhone camera and use them as your canvases
  • Save your Sketches to the Photo Album
  • Built-in Mail function lets you send your creations to friends and family via email or Twitter
  • Zoom and Eraser tools allow you to perfect your work
  • Recover original drawings you modified by touching and holding the Undo button (Doing this will also give you a selection of other options)
  • Turn your creations into a unique wallpaper for your iPhone


  • None that we can see!


Sketches is simple, yet offers plenty of entertainment and avenues for creativity.  It's practicality as a digital notepad should not go unnoticed, either.  Both kids and adults will enjoy Sketches.


App Store; $5.99

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