Stick It In Your Ear: TuneBuds Control Your iPhone

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As good as the original iPod/iPhone ear buds are, there are plenty of people out there who think they can be improved upon.

Enter Griffin Technology's TuneBuds Mobile, a US$39.95 replacement earphone set that, on the audio side alone, boasts "powerful low-end response and crisp, clear treble, and include three sized pairs of cushioned earpads for a custom fit."

More importantly for iPhone-ists, TuneBuds also have a high-sensitivity microphone and a single "ControlMic" button that can answer your calls, send them to voicemail, or control playback in Music mode.

The TuneBuds are compatible with a wide range of Apple products, including 1G and 3G iPhones, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, and iPod classic.

[Griffin Technology website]

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