Video Kills the iPhone — No Stars

The man who unlocked the iPhone for use on other networks has now found a novel way to crash it.

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Sorry, we meant software crash…

Already (in)famous for the ZiPhone unlocking tool, Piergiorgio Zambrini (the guy who stole source code from Dev team) has now uncovered a bug in the iPhone that causes it to crash when playing back a certain type of video.

Click here to view a video of the bug in action.

The bug Zambrini found is in the audio portion of Apple's video format.
Knowing the bug exists, someone could write a program that incorporates
the bug into a video file and trigger a crash whenever an iPhone
attempts to run that file. The bug, which is located in a shared code
library that is used across most Apple operating systems and some Linux
ones as well, doesn't appear to cause any permanent damage, but
immediately sends the device into a panic that leads to a lengthy
reboot.  iPods and Apple computers, which use the same code library, are similarly vulnerable.

Interestingly, Zambrini's motives for showcasing the bug are far from malevolent; all he wants is a job with Apple, and actually applied for an iPhone security engineer position shortly after finding the bug.  So far, neither the House of Jobs' HR department — much less its lawyers — have come a'knocking.

[Via Forbes]

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