When You Dial Up Xgoes, They Touch Themselves* [NSFW]

Are you a pervert on the go?  Is there not enough time in your busy schedule to sit and watch strippers on webcam shows?  Got an iPhone?  Oh, baby, have we got an app for you.

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Xgoes.mobi is the first X-rated pay site to figure out how to stream videos of girls disrobing onto your spiffy new iPhone.  (And iPhone only — the site does not support "real" computers.)  The site offers five different sections: Live Girls, Live
Couples, Live Gay, Live Dates (seemingly one-on-one cam/chat set ups),
and Video.

The actual webcam sessions, though, are pretty dire: a tiny, silent (and VERY low quality) video of a girl undressing, along with a chat box so you can…um, you know…moan with your left hand.

This may be the first iPhone app you need to wear a raincoat while using — or need to take a long shower AFTER using.

Looks like our research still stands true.

(*Apologies to the Divinyls for lampooning their one big single.)

[Via Fleshbot, which is unbelievably Not Safe For Work unless you work for, oh, Larry Flynt…]

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