Amateur Surgeon: The “Cutting Edge” of iPhone Games

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Leave it to the sick muthas at Cartoon Network's kid-unfriendly Adult Swim division to come up with an iPhone game that earned an unheard-of ‚ÄúRated 17+‚Äù rating.  Then again, when you've got an online game with the catchy title "5 Minutes to Kill Yourself," you do kinda have a reputation to uphold.

In Amateur Surgeon, you are Alan Probe [snigger], "a pizza delivery guy who has strong interest in performing operations.
You run into various kinds of injured patients under different
circumstances and you are compelled to save their lives with the tools
you have on hand."  As you might guess, few of these tools have any kind of medical certification:

“Use precision instruments such as a pizza cutter, salad tongs,
stapler, and car battery to hack your way through thirty different
procedures and be the surgeon that your parents always knew you would
never become.”

In other words: if you're the kinda guy who laughed hysterically all the way through EVIL DEAD 2 — brutha, have we got a game for you!  (And if you still don't have an iPhone, also has several online versions, including a timely Xmas edition.)

[Available for US$4.99 on iTunes]

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