AT&T’s Xmas Present: Online & At-Home Activation Returns!

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Tonight we're gonna iPhone like it's Two-Oh-Oh-Seven.

AT&T has revealed that you no longer have to wait in line at the Apple store to activate your new handset.  Buy it online, activate it online, just like in the bad old days. 

One blogger was so amazed by this news, he engaged an AT&T tech rep in chat just to make sure he wasn't dreaming:

jon: Hello, if I purchase the iPhone online now, will I have to take it to an ATT store for activation?
Kayla M.: Great question! I would be happy to help you with that today!
Kayla M.: No, you will be able to activate the phone yourself by placing the battery into the phone.
jon: that is a change correct?  previously it wasn‚Äôt available online.
Kayla M.: Yes, that is correct. It just became available online today.
jon: wow, great.  thanks.  that is all i needed to know
Kayla M.: You‚Äôre welcome. Thank you for choosing AT&T.  Have a great day!
jon: you too.

Disregarding the whole "placing the battery into the phone" line (yeah, like YOU don't have any user-support horror stories, right?), this dovetails nicely with the upcoming buy-your-iPhone-at-WalMart news stories.

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