Discounting Outside the (Big) Box: Best Buy Puts iPhones on Sale for Remainder of ’08

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The Best Buy chain — who also happen to be Apple's first foray into big-box-store retailing of the iPhone — are offering a discount on new handset purchaces between now and the end of the year.  Specifically, US$10.00 off, making the 8/16 GB prices US$189.99 and US$289.99. 

That may not seem like a lot, but it's actually a few shekels less than the rumored Wal-Mart price.  Additionally, Bestie is offering something they‚Äôre calling
“Walk-out-Working Service,” rumored to include help with setting
up your email account, transferring contacts, and general advice helping
customers learn how to use their iPhones.  (Meaning: plenty of Geek Squad and "blue shirt" employees to aid you.)  Also, if you have a Reward Zone account, you will get double the points for this purchase, which translates into cash-discount coupons for future purchases. 

Even though Best Buy is cutting into its iPhone profits with this discount, they're hoping that once the low price gets the marks into the store, they'll buy more than just a new cell phone.  And with the rumors of AT&T pushing to get into Costco, Sam‚Äôs Club, Target and Radioshack as well, there could be an iPhone Retail War going into the New Year.

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