Waiting for Texas Instruments’ DLP Pico Project? Your Wait Will Soon Be Over

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Waiting for Texas Instruments‚Äô DLP Pico Project?  Your Wait Will Soon Be Over

Texas Instruments has announced December 1st as its official release date for the new DLP Pico Projector (with expected delivery on December 19th‚Äîjust in time for Christmas).  TI will be selling the world‚Äôs ‚Äúsmallest and lightest projector‚Äù‚Äî15 x 105 x 17 mm and just 105g‚Äîunder the Optoma PK-101 brand through the Apple Store in Japan.  It will be packaged with an iPhone and iPod kit and dock connector for $511, including tax.  The projector will work for up to two hours on one battery charge, has an integrated 0.5 watt speaker, and a white LED light which will throw a 60-inch, 480 x 320 pixel image up to 8.5 feet away.  It will work with non-Apple hardware, too.  It‚Äôs so cool you can‚Äôt just use it for your meetings at work‚Äîsuggestions, anyone? 

[via engadget]

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