VietROM: How to Hardware Hack Your iPhone

DON’T try this at home — unless “home” is somewhere in the Mekong Delta.

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Some enterprising iPhone hackers based in, of all places, good ol’ Vietnam have mastered the art of unlocking your handset.  And not by software methods, either — that’s for running-dog imperialist lackeys!  No, they prefer a hardware-based approach…

The process involves opening up the iPhone case and extracting the baseband chip (which controls the connection
between the phone and the mobile network) from the motherboard. Disregard the fact that said chip is glued to the motherboard, and removing it incorrectly would turn your iPhone into an iPaperweight…

Next, the chip code is read into a hex editor.  The locking data is removed, and the revised code is programmed back into the chip.  Finally, the chip is reattached to the motherboard and the phone is put back together.  Seamlessly, I might add.  (Then again, those black-pajama-clad Cong always could sneak into and out of places without detection to do their dirty work…)

The cost for this unique procedure?  1.5 million Vietnamese dong.  Get your mind out of the gutter, that’s the local currency — and at present exchange rates, about eighty bucks Yankee.

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