Dr. Awesome: iPhone Gaming Goes Viral. Literally.

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Folks, I think we've just found the polar opposite of Amateur Surgeon.

Ngmoco's Dr. Awesome turns you into Dr. Osbourne, "the world‚Äôs most popular microsurgeon."  (Modesty, I've noticed, is not one of Ngmoco's most notable traits.)  Continues the blurb, "A deadly strain of virus is attacking the population and you are tasked to defeat it before time runs out!"  To do this, use your accelerometer-controlled micro scalpel to isolate and defeat 16 types of virii and bacteria.  You can also personalize patients based on your contact list.

Interestingly, despite it's kid-friendly "4+" rating (and the cutesiness of other Ngmoco games like Rolando), Dr. Awesome adds a healthy dose — no pun intended! — of grown-up humor.  (In the intro video, Awesome's blonde nurse hopes that he infects his patients "with an outbreak of happiness."  "Stop that," the doc growls.  Mutters the nurse, "And vaccinate Dr. Osbourne's grumpiness."  "I HEARD THAT!" Awesome snaps.)  It's not quite ADULT SWIM-level yocks, mind you, but you gotta admit Dr. Awesome himself looks like the long-lost brother of HARVEY BIRDMAN's Phil Ken Sebben…

Oh, and the game normally retails for US$1.99, but if you buy it before the end of the year, it can be had for only US$0.99!

[Available through iTunes]

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