Flash Video On Your iPhone? Kinda, Sorta…

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iMobileCinema bills itself as "the Safari plugin for playing flash videos online in iPhone."  Before you start jumping up and down in joy, be advised that this is a beta app for jailbroken 2.x firmware, so caveat emptor and all that.  Sez the developers:

Here are some bugs the [sic] we already knew:
  1. Dragging the seek slider while playing cause crash;
  2. Pausing or rebuffering may cause no audio;
  3. Not response on the gravity inducer. 
why we published a beta testing version. But it does work most of the
time. So, have a nice weekend, with or without our beta version.

"But it does work most of the time."  So you gotta ask yourself "Do I feel lucky?"  Well, do ya, punk?

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