Flickr Mobile Gets Video, Picture Upgrades

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Flickr, the online picture-hosting site, has a slogan: "Share your photos. Watch the world."  And now, their mobile site is poised to make the experience even better.

Flickr Mobile — perhaps buoyed by the news that, this year alone, nearly a beeellion handsets with built in cameras were sold worldwide, and many of them already uploading content to Flickr — has introduced a slew of new features, targeting not just those snazzy iPhones but any handset with a state-of-the-art browser.  First and foremost (what Flickr says is ‚Äúthe sexy part‚Äù), iPhone, iPod touch and Android owners can now view videos on Flickr‚Äôs mobile site. 

You will also be able to comment on, and mark as favorite, photos from your mobile phone. In addition, there have been improvements in browsing and searching for particular photos.

Not only that — by creating an address book entry with the email "flickr," you can shoot a picture and instantly email it to Flickr.

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